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A Guide to French Drains

A-Affordable Sanitation is Your French Drain Specialist

Are you looking for help with flooding, standing water, damaged foundations or damaged outdoor areas? A-Affordable Sanitation in this month’s blog is offering you a guide to French drains. Our technicians are skilled in installing French drains in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA, area. There is a wide array of possible problems that water can cause to your home or business. Having a reliable drainage system is key if you want to prevent your property from taking on water damage. Let’s take a look at what French drains are and how they help you.



What is a French Drain?

French drains also go by the name of perimeter drains. This is because they normally run the length and width of your basement. That is where water enters your home or business. These drains help prevent floods and control your risk of standing water left over after a weather event. The depth of the trench is crucial. It carries more water and helps lessen hydrostatic pressure from your basement walls.



How Much Does it Cost to Install One of These Systems?

French drainage systems traditionally cost in the range of $30 to $100 per linear foot. A difficulty to access needed resources can also affect the price. If you need to dig only, the price is less costly. The bill can increase if you need concrete or have to build a pipeline.



Make Sure that You Clean Them Regularly for Optimal Performance

Much like everything else in life, you need to make sure you perform maintenance on your French drain. Silt, debris, roots and other materials can block your drain. Make sure you hire a quality drain cleaner to keep them running. They will help you find where the problems are, so you take care of them.



Do you need quality help with French drains? Call the experts at A-Affordable Sanitation, (724) 763-1449. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with more great information. We are happy to provide you with a Guide to French Drains.