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Septic Location Services by
A-Affordable Sanitation Inc in Smithton, PA

Septic Locating in Western PA That is Quick and Efficient

Septic location services by A-Affordable Sanitation Inc in Smithton, PA, can locate your septic system tank both quickly and efficiently. We are an experienced, professional company that specializes in residential, commercial, and municipal septic services. We have the knowledge and the equipment to help find your septic system tank and avoid unnecessary damage.

Call A-Affordable Sanitation Inc at (724) 872-0822, or toll-free at 1-800-371-3255. Please read our blog and check our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more information. We proudly serve septic and sewer needs throughout our regional service area. Contact us online with any septic-related questions or to schedule septic location services in Pittsburgh and Western PA areas.

Septic Tank Locating Services in Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas

If you own a property that has a septic system, it is crucial to know the location of the septic tank. Unfortunately, a number of circumstances can lead to not knowing. These reasons include multiple property owners, illegal installation, and even a lack of records.

Septic Location is Necessary for Regular Maintenance

Not knowing the septic tank location can lead to a number of problems, all of which cost time and money. Septic systems require regular maintenance; most important of which is tank pumping. Lack of maintenance leads to an overworked system, with clogged leach lines and sewage backup.

Septic Location is Important for Septic Emergencies

When the septic lines back up, it becomes much more costly and time-consuming to find your septic tank. Waste backups in the septic system can cause a dangerous health situation. It is vital to know the location of the septic tank in the midst of such an emergency.

Real Estate Transactions Include Septic Tank Location and Condition

In addition to knowing your septic tank’s location for maintenance purposes, real estate transactions require the location and condition. It is the seller’s responsibility to provide not only the location of the septic tank, but its condition. Lack of this information or other issues with the septic system can delay or cancel a real estate transaction.

Call A-Affordable Sanitation for Septic Location and Much More

A-Affordable Sanitation Inc offers septic location in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of Western PA. Depend on our team for septic dye testing, septic pumping, and septic repair services for your home or business. We clean septic tanks, open clogged drains and sewers, and install new septic systems.

Service locations include the following counties: Armstrong, Indiana, Westmoreland, Somerset, Washington, Fayette, Greene, and Allegheny. We are the company to call throughout the region for septic cleaning and sewer cleaning. Call today for more specific information on septic location or any other services in Pittsburgh and Western PA.

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