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Septic Tank Extensions in Southwestern PA
A-Affordable Sanitation Inc

Call for Residential and Commercial Septic Tank Extension Services

For septic tank extensions in Southwestern PA locations, call A-Affordable Sanitation Inc. We serve the Pittsburgh area and surrounding counties with professional residential and commercial septic services. These include leach field replacement, pump replacement, the installation of septic tank extensions, and more.

With all the septic cleaning and sewer cleaning we do, A-Affordable Sanitation Inc recognizes the value of septic tank extensions. Septic tank extensions serve to make accessing the tank easier by extending the reach of ground level risers. Call A-Affordable Sanitation Inc at (724) 872-0822, or toll-free at 1-800-371-3255 today. For more information or to schedule septic tank extensions for your residential or commercial property, contact us online.

Septic Tank Extensions Offer Ease of Access for Regular Maintenance

If you defer regular septic maintenance due to the added cost of excavating your septic tank, consider septic tank extensions. Over time septic tanks can settle leaving the access lid buried deep underground. It can be frustrating and expensive to dig up your yard for septic tank pumping or servicing.

The professionals at A-Affordable Sanitation Inc can install septic tank extensions to make your septic tank more accessible. Made of the highest quality materials, tank extensions offer easier access to the septic tank and other access ports. These allow for better servicing now and in the future.

Septic Systems Can Be Out of Sight, Out of Mind

For many home and business owners with septic systems, they are often ‘out of sight and out of mind.’ This can be fine until maintenance time rolls around or other situations occur, like blockages, breakdowns, or backups. If it is not easy to reach your septic system, call A-Affordable Sanitation Inc to explore installing septic tank extensions.

Quality septic tank extensions enable access to the tank for pumping, maintenance, inspections, and more. It can be difficult to excavate a septic tank during nicer weather. Adding extensions could ultimately be a savings for property owners. In Southwestern PA locations, tank extensions can be a big timesaver in the cold, winter months.

Septic Tank Extension Installation by A-Affordable Sanitation Inc

Installing septic tank extensions is one of the many septic services we provide to homes and businesses in Southwestern PA. A-Affordable Sanitation proudly serves septic and sewer needs in Armstrong, Indiana, Westmoreland, Somerset, Washington, Fayette, Greene, and Allegheny counties. We perform septic dye testing, location services, septic pumping, septic repair, and more.

Call us to open clogged drains and sewers, and to repair a variety of septic pumps. If you suspect that you may need septic replacement or other repairs, A-Affordable Sanitation is ready to help. We can ensure that you get the right solution so the septic system works the way it should. Call A-Affordable Sanitation Inc today for septic tank extension installation in Southwestern PA.