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Septic Pump
Repair and Replacement

Dedicated, Dependable Sanitation Services Since 1991

When you need reliable, responsible septic pump repair and replacement in Western Pennsylvania, turn to A-Affordable Sanitation Inc. in Smithton, PA. Our team of experts can handle both residential and commercial jobs, as well as municipalities and government facilities. Your septic pump is a vital part of your septic system. When it malfunctions or breaks, you need high-quality, experienced service.

Since 1991, A-Affordable Sanitation Inc. has served Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania region with dedication and hard work. You can depend on us, too, for great septic pump repair and replacement. Call us now at (724) 872-0822 or 1-800-371-3255. You can also contact us online. We give free estimates on every pump repair and replacement job.

A-Affordable Sanitation Inc. proudly offers high-quality Goulds and Liberty pumps.

Excellent Workmanship on Repairs and Pump Installation

With excellent workmanship and products, A-Affordable Sanitation Inc. will perform your septic pump repair and replacement with minimal disruption to your home or business. If we must replace your pump, you can be sure your new pump meets the highest level of quality, exceeding industry standards. Our team can repair or replace:

  • Dosage Pumps: The dosage pump takes water that spills from the septic tank to the dosage tank. Control switches operate the pump, and the tank generally requires an alarm in case of high water. If the water is high, your septic system cannot process waste, or it may be taking on ground water. The gases inside the dosage tank can be very corrosive, too.

  • Grinder Pumps: The grinder pump is responsible for grinding down waste particles, sending them into your septic system. The wastewater empties into the tank connected to this pump, and it activates when the tank reaches its fill line. Do not attempt to repair this pump yourself. A DIY fix can cause damage to the system and also result in electrical shock.

  • Sump Pumps: The sump pump is responsible for pumping waste into the septic tank. It is important to have the right pump operating correctly to easily handle solid waste.

Trust us for all of your septic pump repair and replacement needs.

A-Affordable Sanitation, Inc.: Hard Work and Responsive Services

A-Affordable Sanitation Inc. is the premier sanitation services company for Pittsburgh and the Western PA region. We proudly serve Allegheny, Armstrong, Indiana, Westmoreland, Somerset, Washington, Fayette, and Greene counties and beyond. We pride ourselves on hard work, vast expertise, and being a “green” company. When you need reliable pump repair and replacement at your home or business, make your first call to A-Affordable Sanitation Inc.

Sanitation Inc. is
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