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Septic Dye Tests in Western PA
By A-Affordable Sanitation Inc

Septic Dye Testing Services in Pittsburgh and Western PA

A-Affordable Sanitation Inc of Smithton, PA, can perform septic dye tests in Western PA for residential and commercial septic systems. A septic dye test is part of routine maintenance of your septic system that helps detect any existing defects. Our team does septic dye testing and inspections in the Pittsburgh region of Western PA.

Call A-Affordable Sanitation Inc today at (724) 872-0822, or toll-free at 1-800-371-3255. Contact us online with any septic-related questions or to schedule septic dye testing services in Pittsburgh and Western PA areas.

What to Expect with a Septic Dye Test in Western PA

Let us shed some light on what to expect with a septic dye test for those in Western PA areas. Septic dye testing is a non-invasive way to check septic system integrity. We highly recommend a septic dye test for those looking to buy a property with a septic system. If you are selling a property with a septic system, local regulations may make such a test a likely part of the sale. In Pennsylvania, local counties set these testing rules.

Adding Colored Dye to the Septic System to See What Emerges

We perform a septic dye test by adding a colored dye, red and green, to the septic system. The dye involved is a non-staining water soluble dye tablet. We most often place it in a drain or downspout of the property. We then flush water into the system to push the dye through.

Ideally, we do not want to see the colored dye appear anywhere along the septic system line. We wait to see if the dye color appears anywhere above ground by examining the system for traces of dyed water. If waste water leaks to the ground surface, it indicates an unsanitary condition of serious septic failure.

How Quickly Might the Colored Dye Appear on the Surface?

The speed of the test depends on the septic system flowing at common rates. We may see dyed effluent appear in as quickly as 20 to 30 minutes on a failed system. On slower moving systems it can take up to five days to show up.

What Does a Failed Septic Dye Test Mean?

For those looking to sell their property, a failed septic dye test means you cannot sell it as-is. You either have to repair or relocate the outside drainage line so it connects properly to the combined sewer.

Call A-Affordable Sanitation for Fast, Accurate Septic Dye Testing

The experts at A-Affordable Sanitation Inc provide fast and accurate septic dye testing. Rely on our experienced team for septic locating, septic pumping, and septic repair services for your home or business. We perform septic tank cleaning, open clogged drains and sewers, and do septic installation.

We invite you to read our blog and check our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more information. A-Affordable Sanitation Inc serves residential, commercial, and alternative septic cleaning and sewer cleaning needs throughout our regional service area. Our service locations include the following counties: Armstrong, Indiana, Westmoreland, Somerset, Washington, Fayette, Greene, and Allegheny. Contact A-Affordable Sanitation Inc of Smithton, PA, to schedule residential and commercial septic dye tests in Western PA.