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Septic Pumping and Septic Tank Installation
A-Affordable Sanitation Inc

Septic Pumping and Septic Tank Installation for the Western PA Region

Septic pumping and septic tank cleaning by A-Affordable Sanitation Inc in Smithton, PA, brings quality to the Western PA region. Serving the greater Pittsburgh area and surrounding counties since 1991, we assist residential and commercial customers. Our professional sanitation team uses the latest equipment to keep waste systems working properly.

Do you need effective septic pumping service? Call us today at (724) 872-0822, or toll-free at 1-800-371-3255. Contact us online with any questions or to schedule septic pumping and septic tank cleaning in Pittsburgh and Western PA.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Septic Pumping Services

To keep a septic system operating properly, it requires regular maintenance. Failure to perform septic pumping and septic tank cleaning can cause toxic buildup leading to costly and time-consuming repairs. A-Affordable Sanitation Inc specializes in providing septic tank pumping services that will keep your system running efficiently.

Benefits of regular septic pumping include:

  • Leach field will last longer
  • Helps prevent system backup
  • Reduces cleanup and repair costs
  • Well-maintained septic systems warrant a higher resale value

Southwest PA Septic Pumping and Septic Tank Installation

Family-owned and operated, our business believes in Agricultural Farm Recycling. With just one easy phone call, we will come pump the waste and bring it back to a holding tank, where it gets treated by DEP regulations, then spread onto our farm fields, helping us to grow feed for livestock.

How Often Should Septic Tank Pumping Occur?

In order to keep the septic tank from backing up, we recommend having the septic tank pumped every two-to-four years. We base this time frame on an average number of residents in a household and tank size. However, busy commercial locations or homes with more family members may require tank pumping more frequently. A-Affordable Sanitation provides residential and commercial customers in Southwest PA with exceptional service in septic pumping and tank cleaning.

Call A-Affordable Sanitation for Septic Pumping and Much More

The experts at A-Affordable Sanitation advise you not to wait any longer for septic cleaning and sewer cleaning. Call today and let us provide the best in septic pumping and more to keep your system in top shape. We offer services in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of Southwestern PA for your home or business.

We serve the following counties: Armstrong, Indiana, Westmoreland, Somerset, Washington, Fayette, Greene, and Allegheny. Call today for more specific information on any of our services in Pittsburgh and Western PA. You can depend on us for septic dye testing, septic pumping, septic repair, and much more. We also open clogged drains and sewers, and install new septic systems.

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