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Septic Repair and Replacement
in Connellsville, PA

A-Affordable Sanitation Inc Provides Professional Septic Repair

A-Affordable Sanitation Inc provides professional septic repair and replacement in Connellsville, PA, and the surrounding areas. We work closely with home and business owners to make sure that their septic systems are working properly. Faulty septic systems can lead to dangerous backup, sewage leaks, and other costly problems. Our team has years of experience handling all types of septic repair, large and small. We can provide clogged drain and video inspections to pinpoint where the problem is. This allows us to know the best way to make repairs.

If you are looking for septic repair and replacement in the Connellsville, PA, area, trust A-Affordable Sanitation Inc. We offer septic tank locating, too, to make the job easier. Call us today at (724) 626-0900 for an estimate.

Septic Replacement for the Connellsville, PA, Area

Over time, age, wear and tear, and the elements can damage the septic system. In some cases, the tank, pump, or the entire system may need replacing. If you are looking for septic replacement in Connellsville, PA, or the surrounding areas, A-Affordable Sanitation Inc can help. We offer pump repair and replacement, too, in the event that the whole septic system is still in working order. Let our team handle your septic struggles in Connellsville, PA.

Keep Septic Systems in Working Order with Septic Pumping and Dye Tests

One way to keep septic repairs few and far between is with regular maintenance. A-Affordable Sanitation Inc offers septic pumping and septic cleaning, along with septic dye tests. Septic pumping removes sludge and solids from the tank. For most systems, it is recommended to have them pumped every three-to-five years. This frequency may be different for alternative septic systems or those with larger households.

A-Affordable Sanitation Inc also provides septic dye tests to find any problems with the system. Septic dye tests are great for those buying or selling properties. If you need a septic dye test in the Connellsville, PA, area, give us a call.

Contact A-Affordable Sanitation Inc for Prompt Sanitation Services

A-Affordable Sanitation Inc offers prompt, professional sanitation services for Connellsville, PA, and beyond. Contact our team today for the following septic system and sewer services:

Choose A-Affordable Sanitation Inc for your sanitation services. We proudly serve Brownsville, PA, and the surrounding areas.

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