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What to Know About Septic Installation, Repair, and Replacement

A-Affordable Sanitation Has the Knowledge for Any Septic Tank Issue  

This quarter, we’re explaining what to know about septic installation, repair, and replacement. Last quarter, our blog described situations that indicate it’s time to pump out a full septic tank. If pumping out doesn’t resolve the problems with these septic tank situations, it might mean it needs repair. In some cases, companies like A-Affordable Sanitation need to install new septic tanks to replace ones beyond repair.


Slow Drains & Clogged Piping? Pump, Repair, or Replace the Septic Tank

If your drains aren’t emptying as quickly as they usually do, your piping might be clogged. Slow drains and clogged piping could simply mean your septic tank is full, but could indicate more severe problems. Sludge may have accumulated at the bottom of the septic tank. Over time, the sludge buildup eventually overflows, clogging the drain field, thus preventing water from draining and filtering naturally. Also, like many systems, as piping ages it tend to deteriorate and corrode, and needs repairing, if not replacement.


Standing Water Could Show a Need to Repair or Replace a Septic Tank

Besides slow drains and piping clogs, seeing standing water could mean the septic tank is full. However, once again, if standing water remains after pumping out, it’s probably time to repair or replace the septic tank. Standing water above or near the septic tank likely means it’s flooded. Septic tank drains normally stand between two to four feet from the top of the soil.

The septic tank’s top is usually a few feet underground. If there’s flooding above these levels, your septic tank may not be handling your home’s wastewater. A-Affordable Sanitation can repair problems associated with standing water, or advise you if it’s time to replace your septic tank.


What if I Hear Water Gurgling in My Slow Drains?

Water gurgling happens for a variety of reasons. Generally, gurgling indicates water or air isn’t flowing through your drains. Sometimes it occurs due to blockages between the piping that connects the house’s plumbing to your septic tank. Other times it means there are plugged vents or blockages in the piping between the drain and the actual septic tank. Gurgling toilets can also indicate a partial clog. If you hear water gurgling, it likely means your septic tank simply needs emptied.


Things to Consider About Installing a Septic Tank to Replace Another

If you need to install a septic tank, either brand new or to replace one, choose a trustworthy company. A-Affordable Sanitation is the company you should call. We hold the proper insurance and licensing, making it legal for us to install a septic tank. It also means our estimate includes costs for preparations prior to installment like excavation and drain field testing.

Once the area in which we plan to install the septic tank passes the testing, we’ll obtain a permit. After getting the permit, we can start the new septic tank installation process, or replace an old one.


For more information on septic system services, give A-Affordable Sanitation, a call at (724) 763-1449. Follow us on Facebook for updates. We are happy to discuss more about what to know about septic installation, repair, and replacement.